For a variety of reasons, numerous indexes in our compilation list are no longer updating. These will be discontinued and replaced with the following indexes immediately:

Index SymbolIndex NameIndex Type
.FTAIM1FTSE INTL-AIM UK 100 IndexGlobal Index
.FTAIM5FTSE INTL-AIM UK 50 IndexGlobal Index
.FTTIXFTSE Techmark Focus IndexGlobal Index
.RUIRussell 1000 IndexUS Index
.RUTRussell 2000 IndexUS Index
.FTSCRussell 2500 IndexUS Index
.RUARussell 3000 IndexUS Index
.SPMDCALIS&P 400 Airlines (Industry)US Index
.SPMDCAIRS&P 400 Airlines (Sub Ind)US Index
.SPMDCAUTRS&P 400 Automotive Retail (Sub Ind)US Index
.SPMDCTKBIS&P 400 Biotechnology (Sub Ind)US Index
.SPMDCFURNS&P 400 Home Furnishings (Sub Ind)US Index
.SPMDCHMRTS&P 400 Homefurnishing Retail (Sub Ind)US Index
.4SP25301030S&P 400 Leisure Facilities (Sub Ind)US Index
.SPMDCREMGS&P 400 Real Estate Management & Development (Industry)US Index
.SPMDCRESRS&P 400 Real Estate Services (Sub Ind)US Index
.SPMDCSPRS&P 400 Specialty Retail (Industry)US Index
.SPMDCTSS&P 400 Telecommunication Services (Industry Group)US Index
.SPLRCTEXTS&P 500 Apparel, Accessories & Luxury Goods (Sub Ind)US Index
.SPLRCDS&P 500 Consumer DiscretionaryUS Index
.SPLRCCFIS&P 500 Consumer Finance (Industry)US Index
.SPLRCPERSS&P 500 Consumer Finance (Sub Ind)US Index
.SPLRCSS&P 500 Consumer StaplesUS Index
.SPNYS&P 500 EnergyUS Index
.SPNYS&P 500 EnergyUS Index
.SPSYS&P 500 FinancialsUS Index
.SPXHCS&P 500 Health CareUS Index
.SPLRCIS&P 500 IndustrialsUS Index
.SPLRCTS&P 500 Info TechUS Index
.5SP451020S&P 500 IT Services Industry IndexUS Index
.SPLRCMS&P 500 MaterialsUS Index
.SPLRCRS&P 500 Real EstateUS Index
.SPLRCRS&P 500 Real EstateUS Index
.SPLRCUS&P 500 UtilitiesUS Index
.SPSMCALIS&P 600 Airlines (Industry)US Index
.SPSMCAIRS&P 600 Airlines (Sub Ind)US Index
.SPSMCCMSFS&P 600 Application Software (Sub Ind)US Index
.SPSMCAUTRS&P 600 Automotive Retail (Sub Ind)US Index
.6SP352010S&P 600 Biotechnology (Industry)US Index
.SPSMCTKBIS&P 600 Biotechnology (Sub Ind)US Index
.SPSMCHRLS&P 600 Hotels Restaurants & Leisure (Industry)US Index
.SPSMCLSCIS&P 600 Life Sciences Tools & Services (Industry)US Index
.SPSMCLISCIS&P 600 Life Sciences Tools & Services (Sub Ind)US Index
.SPSMCRESTS&P 600 Restaurants (Sub Ind)US Index
.6SP451030S&P 600 Software (Industry)US Index
.SPCOMALCAS&P Composite 1500 - AlternativeUS Index
.SPCOMTEXTS&P Composite 1500 Apparel, AccUS Index
.SPCOMCCCES&P Composite 1500 Computer & EUS Index
.SPCOMCFIS&P Composite 1500 Consumer FinUS Index
.SPCOMHMRTS&P Composite 1500 HomefurnishiUS Index
.SPCOMLFAS&P Composite 1500 Leisure FaciUS Index
.SPCOMREMGS&P Composite 1500 -Real EstateUS Index

And yes, you probably noticed that the Russell 1000 and 2000 indexes are on the list, both of which are already included in our files. The difference is that these indexes will now reflect constituent changes in between quarterly IPO updates. That goes for the additional Russell indexes being added also.


Now is a good time to add an index that is important to you. Please just let me know at