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Exchange Traded Fund Constituents

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Constituent Lists subscription  ETF Fundamentals Included In the Datafiles

Following ia a listing and definitions of the fields included in the ETF_Fundamentals.csv datafile.  The values provided in our downloadable datafile are based upon data provided by the ETF sponsosr and numerous other reliable market data sources.  The values in this file are updated daily.

The current ETF_Fundamentals.csv datafile can be downloaded by subscribers at https://www.masterdatareports.com/ETF_Fundamentals.csv.  This file is included in the trial subscription.

Field Definitions

Sponsor Name of ETF provider
ETF Ticker Ticker symbol of ETF
ETF Name Name of ETF
Description Brief description of the ETF as provided by the ETF Sponsor
ETF Type Category of ETF such as equity, fixed income, commodity based, etc.
ETF type as provided by Bloomberg.com
ETF objective as provided by Bloomberg.com
ETF asset class as provided by Bloomberg.com
ETF geographic focus as provided by Bloomberg.com
ETF category as defined by Morningstar.com
Is the ETF leveraged?
The leveraged objective of the ETF
Inception Date   First day of trading for ETF
RelatedIndex If the ETF is index based, the name or symbol of the index. We are in the middle of a project to determine the ticker of each ETF using one common ticker structure (Reuters).
The underlying index symbol (Bloomberg) of the ETF or comparison index if there is no underlying index
The underlying index of the ETF or comparison index if there is no underlying index
FactSheet Factsheet on the ETF (when available)
Prospectus Prospectus for the ETF (when available)
TotalHoldings Number of constituents currently held by ETF
ExpenseRatio Current expense ratio for the ETF
The maturiy date of the ETN
The most recent date the ETF or ETN paid a dividend
The amount of the most recently paid dividend
The percentage yield of the most recently paid dividend
The date of the Net Asset Value stated in the next column
Net Asset Value
SharesOutstanding The shares of the ETF that have been authorized, issued and purchased by investors and are held by them.
MarketCap Market capitalization (or market cap) is the total value of the issued shares of a publicly traded company; it is equal to the share price times the number of shares outstanding
AUMDate The date of the Assets Under Management stated in the next column
AUM Assets Under Management
YieldYTD Price yield since the first of the current year
Yield1Yr Price yield over the last full year period
FutVal Future value
CUSIP All CUSIPs begin with an apostrophe.  This preserves the leading zeros found on many CUSIPs.
ISIN For consistency, all ISINs begin with an apostrophe.
Bloomberg Global ID (BBGID)  All BBGIDs begin with an apostrophefor consistency with the other identifiers.
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ETF Constituents