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ETF Constituents
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Constituent Lists subscription  Index / ETF Constituent Change Report

MasterDATA compiles constituent lists on 3004 indexes and ETFs.  This report details the day to day changes occurring in those constituent lists or the overall file contents.
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Event Descriptions

Component Added  (event type B)
A new constituent has been added to the index/ETF – Occasionally this event is a name and/or ticker change
Component Removed  (event type C)
A constituent has been removed from the index/ETF – Occasionally this event is a name and/or ticker change
Changed Constituent Count  (event type D)
The constituent count has changed by 5 or more for this index/ETF
New Index or ETF Added or Removed From File  (event type E)
An index/ETF is newly added to or removed from the constituent list file. It is a permanent change.
No Constituents Listed  (event type A)
Occasionally, index/ETF data is temporarily unavailable for one of many reasons. While the header information appears in the file, no constituents are listed. This temporary event occurs rarely and only for a day or two at most.
ETF Constituents
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