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Exchange Traded Fund Constituents

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Monthly Reports of New and Removed ETFs

Download Up to Date Index and ETF Holdings Lists and Data

We collect data directly from the ETF issuers and other industry standard sources and put that data into a few .csv format (Excel) files for your use.  You can use this data in reports distributed to your clients or on your web site or, for a significantly less cost, use the data only for yourself and firm, in-house.  We update our index and ETF holdings lists daily including weights, sectors and much more.  Our clients include many of the largest data vendors, banks, hedge funds and money managers and ETF focused web sites in the world.  Just as you take pride in your work, we take great pride in ours and will do nothing to jeopardize your trust.

What We Do Every Day
... Since 2000

We gather the most current and most accurate data available. Sources include the index and ETF sponsors as well as numerous other main stream industry sources. This data is combined into .csv format files and published to our website servers.  Subscribers download these datafiles nightly via http or ftp.

Index and ETF Data Collection Methodology

Starting at about 8:00 pm est, we collect constituent list data directly from the ETF and index sponsors.  Those lists and related data are combined with data gathered from numerous other reliable sources.  These values are processed and written to ,csv datafiles. Finally, these files are published to the website for download by about 2:00 am est.  An additional update for several ETF sponsors is started shortly after the US stock market open and completed and published by approximately noon est.

Subscribe to Index and ETF Holdings Lists and Data

Two subscription types are currently offered:

  • in-house use, non-distribution
  • web site use and / or distribution
For more information, please consider requesting trial access to the primary files.  You will receive both access to the current constituent list datafile, the ETF fundamentals file as well as subscription information.
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ETF Constituents