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Transparency Is A Marketing Tool


Providing your ETF's current holdings list on your website is something most of you do already.  I know many resent the fact that they are being told what to do.  Welcome to the financial industry.  What you might have overlooked is that your current holdings list is an incredible marketing tool.  By providing an accessible constituent list for your ETFs, we will collect it every night and reformat it into one cohesive file used by our clients either for their own, in-house purposes or, often, to provide to their clients.  The reach can be in the hundreds of thousands and more.

Sounds pricey?  There is no cost to you.  We charge a small amount to our clients for the service of collecting the data, but never suggest that we are selling "our" data.  This is your data, coming from your site.  We are only doing what anyone could do if they were so inclined.  Collecting the data.  If you have visited other ETF websites, you've noticed that everyone has their own way of doing things including how they format their reports.  With experience, you get pretty good at aggregating data from different formats.  We make the data useable.  One consistent structure.  Thats a large part of what we do.


Web Site Holdings List - DOs             Web Site Holdings List - DON'Ts           Contact Info:
  • Use .csv files for holdings lists
    This file type opens automatically in Excel with very rare compatibility issues.
  • Use a real URLand a simple html link  to reach the file.
  • Do use programmers familiar with US financial market regulations and user  "norms".
  • For all issues, provide issue symbols or tickers or at least an identifier such as Cusip, ISIN or Sedol.  With debt instruments provide at least the coupon and maturity date as well as an identifier.
  • Update the holdings list daily.  This is a sure way to get investor eyes on your specific ETF.
  • Don't use Excel files (.xls and .xlsx) for holdings lists.  This type of file often causes the user unpredictable issues.  Even worse are files that your programers create with what they think is an Excel file using html tags.
  • Don't use javascript or any kind of code to retrieve the file.  Just use a real URL and a simple html link to get to it.


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Larry Carhartt
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