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This table shows current trends for the top 8 indexes/ETFs as ranked by daily percent change.
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      Explanation Of the Current Trends Table 
             Up Trend
  Down Trend

Indicates a new change in trend

This table by itself does NOT indicate trading signals although used with other criteria may indicate trading signals.

The illustration immediately above defines the background colors in the Current Trends table (top right corner) indicating the current trend direction based upon the proprietary MasterDATA Trend Channel Indicator (MTCI).  In the table itself, the displayed date indicates the date the trend for that data period first began.  In other words, if you look at the "S & P 500 Index" row and the "Weekly" column, the date indicates the starting date of the current weekly trade interval trend for the S & P 500 Index.  The background color indicates the direction of the current trend for that period.  Indications for weekly, monthly and quarterly data periods are not "final" until the actual end of the period.  For example, if the weekly column indicates a new trend beginning on a Wednesday, that new trend is not "official" until the end of the week with the index still indicating the new trends.  Prior to the end of the data period, all changes are interim only.

Additionally, clicking on any index name displays a report including access to numerous charts of the index.  Numerous major composite/breadth indicators are depicted for daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly price intervals.  The one red and two blue continuous lines represent the MasterDATA Trend Channel Indicator.  The red line is the "Pivot".  When a closing price crosses the Pivot line a new trend is indicated.  Daily charts and reports are updated hourly throughout the trade session as well as end of day.  The remaining charts are updated when their period ends.

It is important to remember, that this table refers to trend only.  Trends may or may not be the sole basis for taking a position.  It is not uncommon for the market to experience prolonged periods of consolidation where MasterDATA's Trend Indicator will vacillate up and down within a short period of time.  Changes in trend alone are not necessarily an indication that the price will continue in that direction.

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